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Anti Static Ceramic Tile

Anti-Static/ ESD Ceramic Tile

Anti-static ceramic tile is a kind of special and functional tile and it is a new anti-static material, to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional anti-static materials, compatible with the advantages of ceramic tiles, with beautiful and durable, fireproof, non-slip, anti-pressure, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling, waterproof and anti-penetration, low discharge radiation, environmental health and easy to build, is a permanent anti-static, with high-grade art decorative effect of a functional anti-static tile.

Currently anti-static ceramic tile is widely used in anti-static overhead flooring surface, such as all-steel ceramic surface anti-static flooring, composite ceramic surface anti-static flooring and other trigger base.

Anti-static tiles are divided into two types of anti-static glazed tiles (including antique tiles) and anti-static polished tiles.But anti-static polished tiles only exists as the form of a theory and no factory has produced anti-static polished tiles.

Anti-static glazed tiles use the technology of uranium on the surface, the advantages are A-grade fireproof (excellent heat resistance, about 1200 degrees), stable anti-static performance, aging resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-radiation, simple construction, due to its surface is protected by a glazed layer, anti-staining ability is also strong.

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2021 Buyer's Guide About Anti-Static/ ESD Floor Tiles


What is the anti-static tile?

Anti-static ceramic tile is new anti-static material. And it can overcome the problems of other materials, such as epoxy and melamine, PVC anti-static coating, flooring, anti-static rubber sheet and other polymer materials. Those materials are easy to aging, not wear-resistant, easy to pollution, not good durability and not good fire prevention. Anti-static ceramic tile overcomes the shortcomings of the above anti-static materials. It is compatible with the advantages of ceramic wall and floor tiles. It is beautiful and durable, fire-resistant, non-slip, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling, waterproof and anti-penetration, low discharge radiation, environmental health and easy to build. And anti-static tile is a permanent anti-static material. It is with high-grade art decorative effect of a functional ceramic tile.

Esd Ceramic Tiles
Esd Ceramic Tiles

Sizes: 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm, etc,.

What are the advantages of anti-static tiles?

Ordinary HPL and PVC veneer flooring have the problems of warping, breaking. And it is also not easy to clean them. But anti-static tile eliminates those problems. And it is a fast-developing new generation product.

Anti-static tile research and development success completely solve the world’s problems. It has stable anti-static performance and excellent quality. This will certainly regulate the entire anti-static market. And it will also protect human production and life.

At present, anti-static tile is widely used in anti-static raised floor surfaces, such as the all-steel ceramic surface anti-static floor, composite ceramic surface anti-static floor and another wrench base.

First, not affected by the environment. It has permanent, stable anti-static properties throughout the body. The body resistance and surface resistance are less than 5 × 108Ω.

Second, excellent heat resistance, high-temperature resistance up to 1200 ℃ but conductivity unchanged.

Third, they are incomparable to other materials. They wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, flame retardancy, and anti-penetration.

Fourth, ceramic material, never aging.

Five, non-toxic, no smell, non-radiation, is an environmentally friendly product.

Sixth, the color variety can be arbitrarily selected.

Seven, the amount of dust is small. And it can meet the higher level of clean and quiet environment requirements with the use of a seam sealer.

Eight, convenient construction, suitable for all kinds of old and new buildings.

What is the application scope of anti-static ceramic tiles?

Anti-static ceramic tiles can be used in many places:

  • Computer rooms, microwave communication station rooms, mobile communication rooms
  • Program-controlled telephone production workshop floor, program-controlled telephone exchange room
  • TV transmitter control room, radio control room
  • Electric power control and dispatch center, subway dispatch center

Transportation dispatching center

Petrochemical production workshop

Clean workshop for integrated circuit production

  • Assembly workshop of electronic instrument factory
  • Hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar room
Anti Static Tiles
Anti Static Tiles

What are the differences between anti-static ceramic tiles and normal ceramic tiles?

The difference between anti-static ceramic tiles and normal ceramic tiles is their anti-static function. With the increase of using electrical goods and electronic equipment, the danger is everywhere. Some products themselves are with protection. But with the second layer of protection, the living environment will be safer and more practical. And this is the performance of normal ceramic tiles can not reach. Why is it anti-static? Because the factory uses some special materials. And also, the factory makes some control in the physical testing of its internal content. In a variety of production, professional staff will also carry out a second check. This is to make sure customers will get a perfect product.

Another difference between them is the convenience of construction. Anti-static ceramic tile has the function of anti-static itself. And during construction, it will not be affected by other aspects.  So people can make tiling better. It is worth clarifying that many materials no longer require special preparation before construction. So it reduces the construction time and enhances the excellent results in all aspects. For anyone, this efficiency excellence is also due to its own composition superior to previous products.  And you can install anti-static ceramic tiles in a different building.

Compared with normal ceramic tiles, the advantage of anti-static tiles is obvious. But the price of anti-static tiles is also a little bit higher than normal ceramic tiles. Therefore, anti-static ceramic tiles are not widely used for home yet.

How to install anti-static ceramic tiles?

During production, the factory adds anti-static functional powder to the tiles. So the anti-static performance is very stable. The resistance value is between 10 to the power of 6 to 9 ohms. The construction is very easy so that ordinary plasterers can do the tiling.

Anti Static Ceramic Tile
Anti Static Ceramic Tile

Installation technique:

  1. Anti-static tile floor project should include the construction of grass-roots level, combined layer, surface layer and anti-static grounding system.
  2. The combined layer mortar should be used dry cement mortar with a volume ratio of 1:3. And the thickness should be 25~35㎜, and the surface should be brushed with a cement slurry.
  3. The cement mortar bonding layer should be added resistance reduction agent in proportion. The weight ratio of cement mortar and conductive powder is 1:0.003.
  4. Laying conductive copper tape on cement mortar bonding layer, the longitudinal spacing should be 3000㎜ , and the transverse spacing should be 4800㎜. After the laying is finished, a multimeter should be used to test the conductive copper tape so that all of them form a pathway. And remember to do the concealed project acceptance record.
  5. Tiling should be kept horizontally, lightly hit with a rubber hammer to make it bond closely with mortar. You also need to adjust its surface flatness and seam width (1-3mm).
  6. When tiling anti-static tiles in the cement mortar bonding layer, the floor bottom surface should be clean. Joints shall be set between slabs in accordance with the design requirements. The slab against the wall should be closely fit, shall not use mortar caulking.
  7. The slab hooking should use the same variety, the same strength grade, the same color cement or other high-quality hooking materials. And do a good job of maintenance and protection. In the clean plant, the joints should be hooked with non-dusty hooking materials.
  8. The ground tiled with tiles should be flat, straight lines and set correctly. Between the floor and the bonding layer should be pasted tightly, with no empty drum.
  9. The width of the splicing joints of the slab shall meet the design requirements. When the design is not specified, the splice’s width should not be larger than 3mm.
  10. After the anti-static tile is laid, the surface should be covered with fabric and kept moist. And the maintenance time should not be less than 5 days. After the compressive strength of cement mortar of the combined layer reaches the requirement, it can be cleaned with water or 3%~15% oxalic acid or neutral detergent solution. This is to make the surface clean.
  11. After the floor’s surface is dry. The grounding connection should be made as required.
  12. The outdoor grounding part of the electrostatic grounding system should be made independent grounding. The areas that cannot reach the required conditions can be connected to the grounding bus. The number of grounding poles depends on the soil geological conditions. Outdoor grounding resistance should not be greater than 30Ω.
  13. When the electrostatic grounding and lightning grounding, DC work grounding, AC work grounding, safety protection grounding share a ground, the system grounding resistance should be less than 1Ω. And in addition to the lightning grounding branch, electrostatic and another grounding branch should be installed to ensure lightning-sensitive resistors’ safety.

After giving the short brief about anti-static ceramic tiles, have you got some idea about it? As known by more and more people, anti-static tiles will be in use more and more.

T&A CERAMICS manufacturer will offer you kinds of choices for ceramic tiles. No matter you need normal ceramic tiles or anti-static ceramic tiles, please do not hesitate to let us know. Welcome to contact us if you have any inquiry or any advice.

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