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Terrazzo 副本 改

Terrazzo floor and wall tile

Terrazzo is a design based on art from life. It is said that Terrazzo was firstly found in Venice, Italy in the 16th century. That time Terrazzo is a kind of marble and later it was brought to China. With the time goes by, people begin to use this design on tiles.

Few years ago, we began to make some terrazzo designs for floor and wall tile. At first, we only make 5 colors for one series: beige, marfil, light grey, dark grey and brown. But this series was sold very well especially for the beige, marfil, light grey colors and this series almost can be our classic design of terrazzo tile. Then we make more series of terrazzo tiles and more and more customers begin to buy them. Now the Korean and middle east customers are the bigger buyers for terrazzo tiles.

The popular size for terrazzo floor tiles is 60x60cm and some Australian customers also request to cut to 300x600mm and used on the floor and wall. We mainly make 2 kinds of surface: matte and polished glazed. Lappato and soft glazed or other surface also can be customization.


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2021 Buyer's Guide About Terrazzo Tiles


In recent years, Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles are gradually popular in decoration, especially in some large shopping malls and public places dominated by terrazzo design. This gradually replaced the other design tiles we commonly used. Some more terrazzo tile has its own unique modern avant-garde home decoration and will also choose terrazzo design. Then terrazzo tile good in which, terrazzo stone and tile what is the difference? Let us give you a little knowledge and suggestion!

What is the origin of Terrazzo Tile?

Terrazzo tiles are actually derived from terrazzo stone. Terrazzo is actually the masterpiece of natural stone rubble and superbly crafted workers. Italian Venetian construction workers invented it in the early 20th century. Their skillful handwork exposed pieces of marble to the finished surface of the concrete.

Terrazzo Tile Series From Ta Ceramics
Terrazzo Tile Series From Ta Ceramics

Terrazzo was introduced to China in the late 1950s and used in schools, airports, hospitals and other large buildings, and slowly withdrew from the historical stage in the mid-1990s. Because as people’s high level of aesthetics, more and more like more colorful paving materials.

Many people who see terrazzo must say, “How old-fashioned is this! However, terrazzo, as a product of the last century, today finally began to trend back. By the hands of the designers of terrazzo in the new environment and tenaciously resurrected.

In 2016, the T&A CERAMICS R&D team visited the Ceramic Equipment Exhibition in Rimini, Italy (Tecnargilli 2016) and the Ceramic Exhibition Bologna, Italy (Cersaie 2016). We visited the whole exhibition and were very interested in the products presented by European companies.

Once we back in China, we talked about the new trend for the porcelain tile design. We then analyzed the global tile industry trends: One of the trends regarding product development is that imitation terrazzo tiles are starting to appear! The T&A CERAMICS manufacturer quickly adapted to the market trend and let the R&D team grasp the development of a terrazzo series of tiles, including antique and full polished tiles.

Meanwhile, in the same year, 2016, in China, terrazzo series of individual antique tiles started to appear, and various companies started to redevelop the design of terrazzo.

What is the advantage of Terrazzo Porcelain Floor Tiles?

1. Terrazzo floor tile surface after special treatment, so the surface is not easy to dust, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and very long.

2. Terrazzo floor mirror effect is excellent. It’s surface like natural stone luster, luminosity up to 95 degrees or more.

3. Terrazzo tiles compared to terrazzo stone, the tiles are perfect maintenance, saving the late cleaning and maintenance costs. They usually only need to use electrostatic vacuum dust pushing dust, regular cleaning terrazzo surface with neutral detergent can be.

4. Terrazzo tiles also have the advantages of high cleanliness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no odor without any pollution, so now the frequency of use is increasing.

5. Terrazzo tile surface color and luster, the horizontal and vertical pattern, the connection is dense and no gaps, the overall very beautiful.

6. Terrazzo tiles are more resistant to dirt, especially suitable for public places, but also very suitable for modern decoration style of home decoration.

Are our terrazzo tiles expensive?

Compared to Terrazzo Marble, the price of terrazzo tiles is quite favorable. The price is not much different from ordinary tiles. It is divided into glazed polished and matte-finished, polished tiles are more suitable for public places. At the same time, matte-finished tiles are more suitable for the modern decoration style of home decoration. If you like the modern decoration style, then terrazzo tiles must be a good choice for you.

Which color is more beautiful for Terrazzo tile?

People should be more careful about what kind of terrazzo looks good.

The traditional common terrazzo is basically gray. This color will usually be used in public places, and like shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and it will look atmospheric, clean. Although common, but in the heart of the matter, the good-looking gray terrazzo is incomparable to other styles.

Terrazzo Tile For The Mall
Terrazzo Tile For The Mall

In the indoor or small garden, some richer colors, such as reddish colors, yellowish colors, and even pink and green color, are more recommended. Terrazzo is generally not particularly colorful, probably because of the use of natural mineral pigments. These colors are softer and more natural.

How to customize your own terrazzo tiles?

Our products are customizable. If you like a certain natural terrazzo stone, you can send us a picture of this stone. Then we will see if there is an identical design or similar design in our design database. If there is such a design, we will finish the proof within 3 days. If there is no similar design, we need you to provide a detailed high-resolution picture or send us this. After we receive the sample, we will scan the stone. And make the extension according to the original pattern of the stone. Our designer will design a new file and then test the new sample, which will take about a week. We can achieve 99% similarity to the products for custom-made. In fact, this requires a very high level and experience for the designer. And also the production manager of our factory has a vibrant experience.

If you want to create a hot sale model in your market and customize your company’s proprietary terrazzo tiles, please contact T&A CERAMICS FACTORY today. We will provide you with prompt, professional and quick response service and help your company get a big competitive advantage in your local market.

How to solve the color shade problem in porcelain and ceramic tiles?

After people buy porcelain and ceramic tiles or tiles, they might find that the ceramic tiles have color differences. Usually, the tile color difference problem is inevitable. The general professionals are clear about this situation and know how to control the problem to a minimum. But many end customers do not know how to do this thing? Today, we will give you some suggestions about tile color differences.

Terrazzo Tiles For Project
Terrazzo Tiles For Project

There are many reasons for tile color difference, sometimes it is a quality problem, but there are also many cases that are thought to be caused by factors, such as the wrong construction.

  1. The tile itself production process problems. Tile in the production process, as tile raw materials contain calcium, potassium and other mineral elements, and tile production is to go through high-temperature calcination, in high-temperature conditions, different materials will react with each other, resulting in the production of tiles out of the surface there will be color differences, usually in this case, we will be based on different colors and time period, the installation of color shade to tile Distinguish. And in strict accordance with the color storage, when sold to customers, will also be shipped to customers by the color shade. Therefore, the ceramic tile distributors and wholesalers must also ship tiles to customers in strict accordance with the color shade. In order to avoid the color difference to the end, the customer brought trouble.
  2. Because the color difference is inevitable, we, the porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturers can only control and reduce the color difference as much as possible in the production process. So in general, the same batch of products produced, the difference between the color number are not large, generally will not affect the usage.
  3. Tile construction process color difference. Sometimes customers buy tiles, and no problem, but why will tiling find a color difference? This is because some tiles is a special color, may be seen from different angles. Because of the problem of light, there will also be a color difference problem. In this case, it is necessary for workers to strictly follow the arrows on the tiles’ back to pave.

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