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Cement design is a hot sale design in Tile Area. As a tile manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience, T&A Ceramics witness the development of the Cement series tiles.

At the beginning, cement design tiles is only in screening printing. Now during the technology improved, especially for the inkjet printing, Cement design ceramic tile has been given new life. In T&A, we have more than 20 cement design tiles to customer choosing.

And all designs can do 600x600mm, 800x800mm and 600x1200mm. Also customers can cut the tiles in their required size, such as 300x600mm, 400x800mm, 200x1200mm and 300x1200mm. No matter use in sitting room, living room for the floor or use in bathroom room for the wall.

Cement design tiles will be always keeping its concise but modern sense to decorate your house more elegant.

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2021 Buyer's Guide about Cement Floor and Wall Tiles


When talked about cement glazed tiles, what do you remind? Will remind cement tiles simple lines with elegant colors? Or remember its classic elegant gray? Or the popular loft industrial decoration style come to our mind?


Every ceramic tile has its own intriguing story. So does cement glazed tiles. Now, let us open the story of cement glazed tiles together and see its simple but elegant life.


Essentially, cement glazed tiles is a kind of ceramic tiles. Which they are restore the effect of cement floors.

Cement Tile For Living Room
Cement Tile For Living Room


Cement glazed tiles are the tiles that mimic the effect of cement floors. The history of cement can trace back to the Dadiwan people in Qin’an, China 5,000 years ago. The material which they installed on the ground is like modern cement. According to the excavation of the Dadiwan site in Qin’an, Gansu. China’s earliest palace-style buildings appeared during the fourth phase of the Dadiwan cultural period. About 5,000 years ago.

Different from other ancient Chinese buildings. The ground is not a rammed earth structure, but the ground is similar to modern cement made of sand and stone.

Nowadays, the cement which people named. The Englishman Joseph invented it in 1824. In 1824, Joseph summed up the ratio of various raw materials such as lime, clay, slag and the method of producing this mixture based on repeated experiments.

Screening Printing Cement Tile
Screening Printing Cement Tile

After being hardened. Since the color and strength of cement which Joseph invented. They are similar to those produced on Portland Island, England. So at that time, people call it “Portland Cement.”

So, as early as the eighteenth century. Cement became an epoch-making product in the history of human architecture. And also the basic material of all modern waterproof buildings.

The use of cement in Europe and America spanned the three industrial revolutions. From invention to wide application. Cement has always represented the prosperity and development of a city. So, Europe and America have a special liking for “cement”.

Inkjet Printing Cement Tile
Inkjet Printing Cement Tile

In the early twentieth century, cement was widely used in Europe and America. In order to break the dullness of architecture. Cement tiles with decorative patterns made of cement and paint were poured and polished. And they were popular in Europe and America. This traditional building material is most used on the ground. And also widely used in courtyards, swimming pools, halls and terraces. It can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms and stairs, very delicate. At this point, people began to use cement floors with “patterns, styles, and colors”. It is popular because of its complicated patterns. And also matte texture. And it falls out of favor. Because of its complicated patterns but less variability and heavy products.

With the improvement of manufacturing level. Ceramic tiles have gradually replaced cement floors in millions of households. But people’s love for cement has not faded. As a result. “cement tiles” have been calcined at high temperatures. And also richer in color. And lighter and more durable, gradually replaced “cement floors” and “cement tiles.” In addition to restoring the style of traditional building materials. Cement tiles also pursue the authenticity of nature. Which is reflected in the color changes of cement tiles.


Although there are different popular styles between domestic and overseas market. But after economic globalization. Countries and regions have more and more contacts and exchanges in various aspects. In terms of lifestyle and pursuit, an international society sweeping the world has gradually formed. So does the tiles product. Today is the post-industrial era. More and more people have begun to advocate returning to nature. They are pursuing simple and natural life. And they are increasingly inclined to rustic styles in home furnishings. While cement glazed tiles have the gray tone of cement floors. The natural cracking texture after long-term usefully meets people’s requirements. In addition, thanks to the development of inkjet technology. Various patterns can be printed more free. And many different cement surfaces can be made. At the same time, the texture of the tile surface is more realistic and delicate. Ceramic tiles have already broken through the two-dimensional limit. They were moving towards a three-dimensional era with real bumpy effects.

Cement Tile For Restaurant
Cement Tile For Restaurant

That is to say, the surface mold effect and anti-slip effect of cement glazed tiles can be perfect. The increasingly rich design of tile patterns. And the variability of space application designs is also one factor in the popularity of cement tiles. In the beginning, designers discovered the natural and simple characteristics of cement. And after they applied the developed cement tiles to space. The effect is really good. That’s why cement tiles can become quickly popular.


More than ten years ago. Screen printing tiles first produced the glazed cement tiles in grey color and beige color. As the technology has a limitation. Cement tiles only can produce in very simple designs, and also, the color is still limited. Then after the development of ceramics tile technology, especially for the inkjet technical. Factory can print the design on the surface of tiles in 3D,5D and 6D inkjet ways. More designs print on the surface break the limitation of simple design. The T&A CERAMICS factory produced more and more beautiful designs. And now it has supplied to the customers to many different countries.


As we all know, various forms of cement inspire cement tiles. We are presenting the unique texture. And surface effect formed under different natural conditions and human-made external forces. And truly restore the feeling of cement. Besides expressing human and nature in the modern urban environment. T&A CERAMICS also hopes to integrate Chinese traditional culture. In addition to interpreting the new life of modern cities. More integrating traditional characteristics.

A new batch of cement glazed tiles inspired by Chinese landscape painting design. The tiles with classic gray as the background at the same time mixed with green and blue color. The whole tile with the smoothness of Chinese ink painting. It will show the elegant life in pure and quiet, classic and innovative.


Cement glazed tiles with various retro, natural, and light luxury styles are chosen by more and more people. T&A CERAMICS has more than 20 years of experience in tile manufacturing and supply. T&A CERAMICS will give our suggestion and hope it will be useful for you


T&A CERAMICS can do 80x80cm in grey color, Marfil color, beige color, and brown color. I have enough wide space. The bigger size can broaden the space vision. In the vision will be the minimalist but more high-end.

Home Design With Cement Tile
Home Design With Cement Tile


The regular size for the inkjet tiles is 60x60cm size. Also can do the cutting like 30x60cm size. Combine the different sizes in floors and walls. Industrial style decoration is displayed vividly under the installing of cement glazed tiles.


Matt surface cement glazed tiles in 300×300 mm size tiles put in the floor have a good anti-slip effect. 300x600mm polished tiles on the wall will be a good combination of matte glazed and full polished glazed tiles.


600X1200MM bigger size of tiles is also regular production size from T&A CERAMICS. They used classic cement glazed tiles with a new design. Inheritance and innovation are perfectly displayed together.


T&A CERAMICS has more than 20 years of experience in the tiles business. We know customers’ requirements for the tiles. And also the hot sale designs for different counties. And also we have our quality control team to check the quality of the goods. Before the production, our QC team will check the tile color according to the master model to ensure similarity.

During the production, we have our QC team follow the production for twenty-four hours checking. And before doing the pallets, we will do the second inspection again. And also, we have our own pallets team to do the pallets. About the pallets, we have wooden pallets, and plywood pallets for your customer choose. Customer can choose the kind of pallets what they want to use. Also, we have a plastic bag and shrink film to choose from as well. So customers can find there the packing meet their requirement.

Nowadays, in CEMENT GLAZED tiles, T&A CERAMICS has 19 series for customer choosing. And in T&A continuous innovation, will have more and more new designs produced from T&A CERAMICS. As a professional tile manufacturer and supplier. T&A CERAMICS gives the customer more and more choice to find the tiles which they like.

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