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Marble floor and wall tile

Marble is a design based on natural stone. Since the natural marble looks nice and many tile factories begin to use marble designs to produce tiles.
At the beginning, the factory can only use screen printing to produce marble ceramic and porcelain tiles. But with the improvement of the technology, the factory begin to produce inkjet polished glazed tiles.

As a professional supplier, T&A CERAMICS uses imported ink, inkjet printing machines, and insists on continuously updating our production technology and equipment.

From the beginning of using 3D printing technology to now using 6D even 9D technology, the marble tiles looks more and more natural and beautiful. And also we create many luxury designs which is more colorful than marble stone.
Besides, with the development of the technology, the cost has been reduced a lot and almost all people can use marble tiles to make your home comfortable and gorgeous.

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2021 Buyer's Guide About Marble-Look Tiles


When people talked about “MARBLE”, what will come to your mind? Stone, white color, gray color, heavy and I guess many people will think of these words.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed by high temperature and pressure in the earth’s crust. Its components are calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, and so on. But the main component is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%.

Other components include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide. Marble has many colors, usually with a distinct pattern and many mineral grains. The Mohs hardness is between 2.5 and 5. Marble generally contains impurities. It is also easy to get weathering and corrosion, so the surface is easy to lose luster.

As we know, the ancient already used marble as decoration for their homes and public places. Besides, people used marble for some artworks, such as the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

As time goes by, people still have the enthusiasm and love for marble. With the gorgeous appearance and very practical features, Marble attracts the attention of consumers. Different from other building stones, each piece of marble texture is different. Thus marble brings an extraordinary visual feast to people. So tile manufacturers began to produce marble ceramic and porcelain tiles for the consumers.

1. How do marble ceramic and porcelain tiles come out?

The idea of marble ceramic and porcelain tiles is from natural marble stone. As known, natural marble stone was born by nature. And every piece of stone is unique since the pattern is not the same. And people like the texture and use it for their houses and any place. And this is to push marble ceramic and porcelain tiles coming to the world.

2. What is the process of development for marble ceramic and porcelain tiles?

In the beginning, the factory only used screen printing to copy the designs. To make the pattern clearer and better, it is necessary to pass the screen several times. This is good to use for dark colors such as black, dark grey and some dark brown and red colors. But for light colors, the effect is not good, and it is not clear enough and not that natural.

As we know, you cannot find the same 2 pieces of natural marble. But when we use screen printing to produce marble tiles, every piece is the same and makes no difference. For some people, they only want each piece of the tile the same. But for most consumers, they hope to get various pattern for one design. They hope to find something different and get different feelings after installation.

T&a Ceramics Marble Look Tile For Living Room
T&a Ceramics Marble Look Tile For Living Room

Roller printing can make the surface clearer and make the tile grain look more layered. But it is still not as good as what we get from marble stone.
With the improvement of the machine and technology, now we can use the digital printing method to get the same effect as good as marble stone.

We can make the design very natural with digital printing. But most tiles produced are with a normal white body. When there is some breakage on the tile, we can see the white tile body. Because the tile body color is different from the surface color, it will make the tile look not that nice. So the factory also promotes full body marble tiles, which the body also has colors. Even there is little breakage, and it will not be very obvious and seems to be more acceptable.

3. Which do you prefer, marble stone or marble ceramic and porcelain tiles?

With inkjet technology development, it is hard to identify the inkjet marble tiles and real marble from the surface. In that case, what exactly do they have in common and what is the difference?

Marble Stone
Marble Stone

First of all, people use marble stone and marble tiles as decoration for homes and public places. And we can use them both inside and outside.
Second, both marble ceramic tiles and marble stone have many colors. For marble stone, we cannot find 2 pcs the same. But for marble ceramic tiles, we can only find several different patterns for one design.

Third, the hardness of marble stone is not as good as marble tiles. Marble stone is natural, heavy, easy to get broken, and also with large sizes. This needs people to pay more attention during transportation.

Fourth, the life of using is not as long as marble tiles. Marble stone is easy to get worn down and becomes rough during use. But marble ceramic and porcelain tiles can last for a longer time, around 20 to 30 years. The surface of marble tiles is still smooth and shining after using a longer time. And the colors are stable and won’t fade.

Light Emprador Marble Look Tile
Light Emprador Marble Look Tile

At last and also the most important is about the price. The marble stone has a higher price because of the features, so it is hard to get used in the large area. Usually, we only use it for some small places. Considering the cost, usually we can see some wall or floor decorated with marble stone. But for the rooms or lobby floor, we can only find marble ceramic and porcelain tiles. The natural marble has some radiation and is not suitable for using it in the rooms.

4. Can you offer us the samples for marble tiles?

Definitely sure. If you are interested in our marble ceramic and porcelain tiles, Pls contact us by phone or email. And we will send you our latest models and also catalog to check. You can choose the items you like and let us know. Then we will prepare the samples for you. And you only need to pay the freight cost. Then you can get the samples for free. Once you confirm the samples and place the order, we will return the freight cost. And we will reduce it from the total value of the goods.

And if you don’t like our designs, you can send us a high-resolution photo of your design or a small piece of marble. Then our designer will make a design based on the photo or the sample. Besides, we can also make different colors based on the design you send. And we can create new designs as per the reference of the original design you offer as well.

Dark Emprador Marble Look Tile
Dark Emprador Marble Look Tile

Meanwhile, when we arrange to load, we will put some samples of our hot sale designs in the container. And you can share your idea with us about our designs to create better and better designs.

Why would we like to offer the samples for free? We believe that there is a reward in return. And also this will make us make more effort not only on designs but also on something else.

5.How to reduce the color shade difference?

As we know, the marble stone is natural, so it cannot be avoidable to get some color difference. But marble ceramic and porcelain tiles are human-made, so we must try the best to reduce the color difference. Whether you put marble stone or marble tiles on the floor, will you be happy if there are so many color differences? Nobody will say yes. To make every consumer satisfied with our tiles, we must find a way to solve this problem. Then we set up a QC team, and we make some groups for the team. Each group contains 2 persons. One handles the work in the day, and the other one works at night. We make sure that each group can supervise the production line for 24hours.

During production, the QC checks the tiles whether they have different colors. And they will put a shade mark on the tile when there is a color difference. After production, the QC will also open several boxes to check. Usually, they open 8 boxes of each pallet and a total of 4 pallets. And they put the 32pcs of tiles on the floor to check if the colors are the same. If they find any difference, they will open more boxes to check and make sure the whole batch to be in good condition.

If there is a color difference, the production department will make new products again. Or they select the tiles again to mark the correct shade number. And T&A CERAMICS tries the best to offer each piece of tile with first choice quality to all customers.

As per the above talking, which will you choose? Please contact us if you are interested in our ceramic and porcelain tiles. We are waiting for you here.

As tile manufacture, supplier and wholesaler, T&A CERAMICS insist on looking for new inspiration to bring the consumers excellent products. And not only from designs but also from quality, service and price, T&A CERAMICS will offer you the best feelings.


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