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The name of “Crema Marfil” is originally from Spain stone and now the color is popular all over the world. Almost all people from different countries like this color so we develop many designs in this color. Now crema marfil is the classic and safe design in all of the market.

T&A CERAMICS is almost the first supplier to make crema marfil tile in our area and our factory is more professional to make new designs of crema marfil tile. Even now some other factories or trading companies still use our designs to attract more customers.In order to get the newest designs, our factory almost goes to CEVI-SAMA and CERSAIE every year. We spend much more money and time to create more value for our customers.

We can do all sizes for crema marfil floor and wall tiles and also we can do all kinds of surface and middle east customers are the biggest buyers.We can see crema marfil tile everywhere, such as hotel, hospital, restaurant, apartment and commercial center. And our crema marfil tiles have been used for the projects in DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA, PHILIPPINES and also some other countries.


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2021 Buyer's Guide About Crema Marfil Floor and Wall Tiles


Porcelain tile is a decorative material in wide use both for home and public places. With the development of inkjet printing technology, more and more natural stone patterns are applied to tiles. This makes the tile more natural and beautiful. CREMA MARFIL ceramic tile is very special and easy to match the other tile. This series has been loved and trusted by many consumers. Today we will introduce some identification methods and application scenarios about the CREMA MARFIL tiles. I hope this can help you to buy an excellent tile to use.

The origin of CREMA MARFIL color.

CREMA MARFIL tiles originated from the Spanish stone. Crema Marfil color and Spanish Beige color are from this kind of stone. They are similar colors. But the crema Marfil is lighter, and it is a little bit golden. Among thousands of different types of natural stone that are quarried, processed, and traded globally, few of them are remarkable. One of them is a marble whose name is quite familiar to laypeople, and this stone is Spanish Beige.

Crema Marfil Tiles Manufacturer
Crema Marfil Tiles Manufacturer

Spanish beige Marble is produced in the El Cote Mountains of the town of Pinoso in the province of Alicante, Spain. The stone quarried in the surrounding area is sold under the same name, but the origin is Mount Elcott. There are about 20 quarries where this stone is extracted. The volumes each year are different but with an annual average of about 500,000 cubic meters. An important processing industry has developed because of this. And there are many factories in Huerta, Montfort del Cid, La Romana, Monoval, Pinoso, Elda, and Algeria. The stone industry directly employs around 5,000 people. The workers are responsible for the extraction and processing of Spanish beige Marble. And also, they are in charge of a range of other stones extracted and imported in Spain.

The Spanish beige Marble is trendy. People usually use it in many important projects. And also, we can find it from small decorative projects and houses in small quantities. This unique beige color can match any color of stone and decorative style. This should be one of the reasons why Spanish beige Marble is very popular.

Crema Marfil Tiles Supplier
Crema Marfil Tiles Supplier

Classification of Spanish Beige Marble.

As a natural stone, common sense tells us that we should not expect all Spanish beige Marble to be identical. The industry has a wide range of classifications based on aesthetic criteria alone. But it is exciting when an expert identifies and discovers a particular Spanish Beige marble. This is made even more difficult by the fact that different companies give different names to different stones. There are two shades of dark and light colors. So usually, one distinguishes different Spanish beige marble types by the tones of dark or light. The people called Crema Marfil and Spain Beige.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CREMA MARFIL porcelain tiles compared to the Natural Spain Marble?

Natural Spain Marble is a natural stone, so the pattern is different. Some patterns are particularly beautiful. Besides, some parts of the pattern will have defects. But you can not remove these defects. This will cause the high price of Marble. The marble factory divides them into many grades, even the lowest grade, and its price is still high.

Crema Marfil Tiles Wholesale
Crema Marfil Tiles Wholesale

But CREMA MARFIL porcelain tiles solve this problem of natural stone. Usually, we choose the most beautiful part of the natural stone. The designer will then make a new design according to the pattern of this part of the extension. Then the factory uses Inkjet printing technology to print out the most natural pattern. And then cut to ensure that all the tiles are close to the natural stone pattern and very beautiful and stunning. At the same time, the price is only a third of the stone or even lower.

Crema Marfil Tiles Bulk
Crema Marfil Tiles Bulk

CREMA MARFIL porcelain tiles have a noble texture and superior performance of the tiles. The elegance and perfection of life are perfectly interpreted in an incomparable fashionable style. With movement in the stillness, the product’s texture achieves an excellent fusion of dynamics and softness.

Such a substitute, who would not like it? Please contact T&A CERAMICS company, the best manufacturer in North China. We are professional in providing a good service to all wholesalers and bulk suppliers. We will help you to open a good business in your own country.

Matte Finished tiles or glossy Tiles, which is the best choice?

1) From the point of view of characteristics
The same belongs to the glazed tiles. Matte tiles and glossy tiles have common characteristics: the glaze colorful, complete specifications, decorative style, and the characteristics of stain and seepage resistance. They are widely used in wall and ground paving decoration. The biggest difference between matte tiles and glossy tiles is that the gloss is different. The light reflectivity of matte tiles is generally low. There is no “light pollution” phenomenon. In contrast, the light reflectivity of glossy tiles is relatively high. Matte brick surface flat generous, light surface brick surface smooth and delicate.

2) Decorative effect
Matte tile decorative effect gives a person the feelings of introverted, quiet, simple. While the glossy tile is atmospheric, active, and fashionable. Which glossy tiles to choose depends on the decorative needs and preferences of the decoration owner. Some people like low-key glazed matte wall tiles. This tile shows people some feelings with a chic classical and deep. And also expresses the performance of people’s elegant taste. Some people like the glossy better with shiny surface glazed glossy wall tiles. And they appreciate the kind of fashion it shows.

3) maintenance contrast
Matte tile looks bad care. In fact, matte tile is easier to maintain. You do not need to worry about the tile surface scratched to affect the beauty. Among the matte tiles to glazed tiles, such as glazed antique tiles, color changes and shape rich, complete specifications, are easier to show the uniqueness of tiles and decorative beauty changes. Matte glazed tile firing temperature is higher than the bright tile. And it is with no stain absorption, in the cleaning without worrying about stain penetration into the tile interior.

4)Speaking of the scope of application
At last, we should choose matte tiles or glossy tiles? It depends on where to use the tiles. We need to see their scope of application. You can use glazed tiles for the home kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and other places. Matte tiles are commonly used in the ground, and glossy tiles are used on the wall.

Crema Marfil Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer
Crema Marfil Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer

How to choose high-quality porcelain tiles?

First of all, look at the color.
The color of the ceramic tile should be uniform. The surface finish and flatness should be good. Select 2-3 boxes of tiles and lay them on the ground. Check whether there are defects such as color differences, deformation, missing edges, and corners.

The second point is to listen to the sound.
Gently knock on the tiles with a hard object. The crisper the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain. If the sound is clear and pleasant and it will be the top quality. Suppose the sound is dull, stagnant for the lower quality.

The third point is to do a water test.
Put the tile on the floor with the backside up. Drop some water on the back of the tile and see how fast the water absorbs. Usually, the slower the water absorbs and shows water droplets, it shows the tile absorption rate is low. Conversely, the faster the water is absorbed, the means the water absorption rate is high. Tile with low water absorption is stronger, and its inner quality is superior to the former.

The fourth point, check the size of the tile.
The higher the accuracy of the edge length of the porcelain tile, the better effect after tiling. You can use a meter ruler to measure the four sides’ length and diagonal. In general, the error needs to be within 0.05%. High-quality tiles are not only easy to construct but also can save the worker cost and auxiliary materials.

The fifth point, observe the hardness of the tile.
Tile with good hardness, toughness is not easy to break for the top quality. Scratch each other with the corners of the tile remnants. Check the broken pieces of fracture is fine or loose, hard, brittle or softer, scratches, or scattered powder. If it is with the former description, then it is top quality. The latter is of poor quality.

The delivery time from the T&A CERAMICS factory

We have many designs. And usually, we keep some stock of the best-selling models.

1) If we have stock, we only need 7 days delivery time

2) If we don’t have stock and need to arrange new production, we need 14-21 days delivery time.

If you are in a hurry, you can negotiate with us. And we will try our best to shorten the time and ship it out for you as soon as possible.

3) If it is a customized design, we need to create the new design within 7 days. And once you confirmed the test model, we need 14 days delivery time.

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