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Wall tiles what we produced are interior wall tiles. We use digital printing technology to make every piece look more natural. Now all wall tiles are inkjet printing and we seldom make screen printing. We can make normal flat surface and also surface with mould. And the surface also can be matte and glossy.

Main sizes we produce are 300x600mm, 300x450mm, 300x800mm, 250x750mm, 300x900mm and 400x800mm but we export most is 300x600mm especially for pure white color.

Interior wall tiles are usually used for wall in bathrooms and kitchens. And the water absorption of wall tiles is usually higher than floor tiles. And during tiling, we should use clay to stick it to the wall.

Our wall tiles are water proof and people don’t need to be worried that the water will go inside the tiles.In order to keep showing fresh designs to the customers, we keep developing new designs always. And we also make some decor to make the wall look more beautiful.

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2021 Buyer's Guide About Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles


With the development and progress of society, tiles have become more and more popular. And tiles are also a suitable decoration material. People have more requirements about decoration now. So many people would like to spend more time and money on the decoration for the house. The tiles are used not only on the floor but also on the wall. Wall decoration is already an important part and indispensable.

What is wall tile?

Wall tile is a kind of tile suitable for the wall of the rooms, kitchens, balconies, and some other places. And the materials include ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone or even wood, or some others. The tiles have stable physical properties, anti-slip, stain-resistant and hard. There is no need to be concerned about cleaning. Generally, you can use water or special use of medical alcohol to clean the wall tiles.

Wall Tile For Bathroom
Wall Tile For Bathroom

Wall tiles are an effective way to protect walls from water splashes. And it is also an interesting decorative element. Decor wall tiles are also can be sued for skirting. It is both beautiful and protects the wall from shoes or legs of tables, chairs and benches. Tile for sinks and bathrooms is beautiful, moisture resistant, and hard-wearing.

Classification and usage of wall tiles

Generally speaking, wall tiles can be divided into 2 categories: interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles.

  1. Interior wall tiles

We focus on different things for the interior decoration for wall tiles and floor tiles. For wall tiles, people pay more attention to aesthetics, more stain resistance. Wall tiles are also lighter and thinner in comparison to floor tiles. But the back is rougher and it is conducive to the paste of the wall. Besides, the wear resistance and hardness are more than the floor tiles.

Wall Tile For Kitchen
Wall Tile For Kitchen

Sizes we do: 30x45cm, 30x60cm, 25x75cm, 30x80cm, 40x80cm, 30x90cm

T&A CERAMICS produces ceramic wall tiles with the original sizes above. And we can cut from some bigger sizes tiles such as 60x60cm,80x80cm and 60x120cm to smaller sizes to use on the wall. As per the request for different customers, T&A Ceramics offers as many sizes as possible to meet the different needs.

So far, most of the time, the interior wall tiles T&A CERAMICS supplies are used for the bathroom and kitchen. Interior wall tiles usually have higher water absorption. So after absorbed the water and it may have some little color difference. But after the tiles dry and the color will become normal.

For bathroom wall tiles, we offer a set: one design with light and dark colors and also with decor. And for the upper part of the wall, usually we put light color. For the lower part of the wall, we install dark color. And for the middle part of the wall, we use some decor wall tiles to make the whole wall look like a painting.

For the kitchen, some people like the same way to install a bathroom. From upper to lower, the” light-decor-dark” method way is used often. Many people also choose only one color to put on the whole wall without any decor, either.

And for living rooms or bedrooms, few people install tiles on the wall in China. But nowadays, more and more people like to install tile on the wall for a small area as a backdrop in the living rooms.

And sometimes, we can cut the tiles into very small pieces to form the mosaic tile and use it for the wall decoration.

  1. Exterior wall tiles:

The main function of exterior wall tiles is to decorate and protect the wall surface of the building. Exterior wall tiles decorate the whole building and play an important role in protecting the wall because of their acid and alkali resistance and stable physical and chemical properties and prevent cold and heat preservation.

Exterior Wall Tile In T&a Ceramics
Exterior Wall Tile In T&a Ceramics

Main classification:

a).Divided byproduct material

Glazed exterior wall tiles, through-body exterior wall tiles, etc.

b). Divided by forming method

Extrusion molding (ceramic curtain wall, split brick, etc.) and dry pressing molding (small-size exterior wall tiles, etc.)

c). Divided according to the production method

mat kiln exterior wall tiles, straight roller kiln exterior wall tiles, tunnel kiln exterior wall tiles, etc.

Effect picture of exterior wall brick

Effect picture of exterior wall tiles

d). Divided according to the packaging method

Sticker exterior wall tiles, loose piece exterior wall tiles, etc.

e). Divided by surface texture, glossy surface, matte surface, frosted surface, etc.

f). Divided by surface shape

plane, sandstone surface, water ripple surface, split brick surface, etc.

g). Divided according to the construction method

Pavement exterior wall, dry hanging ceramic board exterior wall, etc.

There are also other classifications based on the use or effect.

Exterior wall tile is not just a product but is often taken as a “work of art”.

When people look at the development, producing and consumption of exterior wall tile from the perspective of art, they will get more new feeling and enlightenment. However, the original role of exterior tiles is not ignored. Exterior wall tiles, with their good decorative and aesthetic effect, lasting texture, comprehensive low cost, easy maintenance, environmental health fashion and many other advantages, have become preferred materials for building exterior wall decoration.

The pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of personality, the pursuit of popular color has become the popular direction of the development and application of exterior wall tile product design. Exquisite design, style diversity, manufacturing fashion, trend-setting exterior wall tile products are emerging, forming a decorative diversification trend.

There are so many smaller exterior wall tiles, such as 30x60cm,30x45cm, and 20x40cm. But usually bigger sizes are used more often. The usual sizes are: 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm. And we can also cut to 300x600mm, 400x800mm, 200x1200mm and 300x1200mm or other sizes as per the request.

No matter interior or exterior wall tiles, more and more people take them as a decoration or even artwork but not only for the protection of the wall. T&A CERAMICS, as the manufacturer, keeps focusing on both designs and usage of the wall tiles. T&A CERAMICS will offer the consumers better and better choices.

How to choose wall tiles for a bathroom?

Wall tiles also have 2 kinds of surface, one is matte, and the other one is glossy. So which surface to choose for the bathroom? Of course, both are fine.

The most important is to choose the wall tile to be waterproof. Then you can keep your bathroom dry and not always wet. T&A CERAMICS wholesaler supplies all waterproof wall tiles.

Second, wall tiles also have different water absorption: <0.5%,0.5-3%,3-6%,6-10% and more than 10%. To choose a low water absorption of wall tiles, you can check the tiles’ water absorption rate. The lower water absorption, representing the higher the tiles’ intrinsic stability, is also more suitable for moisture or high moisture space (such as the bathroom, kitchen). Besides, it will not cause black spots and other problems. The easiest way to detect this is to use a glass of water poured on the tile’s back. If water stains spread very soon, it indicates that the water absorption rate is high and vice versa. The lower the water absorption, the better the intrinsic quality and the better the durability of the wall tiles.

Third, you can also check the quality by knocking at the tile. If it sounds crisp and clear, then the tile is better. On the opposite, the quality will not be as good as the previous one.

Fourth, compare the weight of the tile. If the wall tiles have the same specifications. The heavier the weight is, the better the quality is.

Fifth, compare the price. Everyone wants to pay less money to get higher quality products. T&A CERAMICS factory can offer you different choices as per your budget.

There should also be some other aspects for different people. But please don’t worry. After a certain understanding of the product, the brand, quality, price, service, and other things, you may decide what to choose now. If you still don’t know what to do, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions.

What is the best seller of wall tiles?

Different countries have different cultures, climates and national conditions. And also, everyone has a different taste for beauty. Then any tile can be the best seller. Even if it is like this, there are also some models more popular than others.

30x60cm super white wall tiles can be the best seller in passed some years. But since white color has a very big shortage, it is easy to find dirty and color differences. So more and more people choose other colors such as Crema Marfil or gray instead of white.

In recent years, Carrara, light beige, Marfil and light grey colors should be the best sellers. And these colors are suitable for most buyers, especially the Crema Marfil color.

Besides, the T&A CERAMICS manufacturer creates more decor designs now. And hope our tiles can change your life better and better.

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