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Encaustic tile are usually used for interior wall decoration. In common ceramic tiles, there are also several tiles with pictures, which are used as embellishment for decoration. The encaustic tile is a kind of accessory product of the ceramic tiles, because the color variety is more colorful, so it is called the encaustic tile.

How to install the interior wall tiles to look good

  1. Vertically paving encaustic tile
    Under the overall plain background, a vertical paving tile can catch people’s attention in the first time. It makes the whole space more layered, and it does not jump too much in color.
  2. Layered paving
    Putting the ceramics in two part. The top is mainly for common inkjet ceramic tiles, and the bottom is paving with encaustic tile. The upper and lower color layouts bring a sense of relaxed and comfortable.
    The charm of encaustic tile is no matter how to pave the tiles, it will bring you a new vision

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2021 Buyer's Guide About Encaustic Tiles


There is a kind of tile, which was were born in Europe during the Arts and Crafts. And it was a movement in the 19th century. The tile characteristic is of rich color, and it has a thick glazed and smooth surface. It is durable tiles. So what is the name of this tile? It is an Encaustic tile. Encaustic tile also has a long history. And it has its own story.

Encaustic Tile By T&a Ceramics
Encaustic Tile By T&a Ceramics


Encaustic tile is also called Encaustic cement tile. Encaustic cement tile refers to a building material with an ornamental effect. It’s prefabricated molds and built with natural colors and white cement in proportion.

Traditional tiles are all fired, but encaustic cement tiles are not. They are pressed under high pressure to make the colored cement compact and set. After setting, the hardness is very high, so it is very wear-resistant. And also, Encaustic tile can be used for a long time. I use the Encaustic tile is well maintained. Then the surface will become smoother and smoother but in anti-slip.


Encaustic tiles first appeared in Europe. And their production time was around the First World War. The application of cement to buildings was around the First World War. Reinforced concrete has appeared at first. And then Europeans had an idea. They want to press concrete into floral floor tiles for ground decoration. It is the first of encaustic tiles. Because the encaustic tiles have rich patterns and bright colors. So it swept very quickly across Europe and became the architectural trend of that time.

In the 1880s, encaustic tiles were the best building materials to replace mosaics. Because encaustic tiles are at relatively low cost, firmness and wear resistance, and moisture resistance. So, as soon as encaustic tiles were born, they became popular in countries along the Mediterranean coast, such as Spain.

Encaustic Tiles Used In Igreja Do Carmo Church
Encaustic Tiles Used In Igreja Do Carmo Church

The original encaustic tiles had single color, only have gray color and white color. The patterns of encaustic tiles were very simple and most geometrical arranged.

In the 20th century, Encaustic tiles spread from Europe to the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Such a large number of spreads are due to the hydraulic press invented by the French. It makes the production of tiles easier and more convenient.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Encaustic tiles became popular in Europe and America. Because of their thick glaze. Encaustic tiles were used in many churches, villas and other buildings. During that, it was setting off a wave of encaustic cement tiles.

The existence of encaustic tiles in the history of modern Chinese architectural decoration art is very dramatic. And it has a glorious moment.

Modern encaustic tile is a representative work of the integration of Chinese and Western design culture. It’s used on the floor installing of modern buildings. Encaustic tiles’ colors are bright, fresh and natural. And their decorative patterns are ingenious and delicate. Encaustic tile is in lasting vitality, and it has become a feature of modern design culture in China.

Encaustic tiles in modern times are more cautious in the use of colors. General designs are mostly limited to 3 colors. And the greatest 4 colors are used. The patterns of encaustic tile showed the simplicity and intensity of colors. And the design tendency is mainly based on the abstraction of points. And also is based on lines, surfaces and shapes.

Encaustic Tiles Used In Floor
Encaustic Tiles Used In Floor

According to designing and welding the pattern of the tiles to do the frame. Then injecting the color paste prepared by white cement and pigment. Using ordinary cement mortar as the bonding layer and bottom layer, pressing, demolding and curing. After that, the product can be finished.

Although modern encaustic tiles are based on cement materials imported from the West, their decorative patterns are different. Chinese people used it for auspicious meaning.

Modern encaustic cement tiles have their own unique formal language through this construction method. According to the designed pattern, the pattern mold is completed by welding a combination of copper bars. The final effect is very similar to the style of the flower partition window in the traditional house.

As one of the material elements in modern architectural design, encaustic cement tiles echo the white lime mortar top surface of simple geometric shapes. The geometrically divided glass doors and windows can get more light indoors. And get rid of the dim and depressing psychological feeling.

To some extent, the encaustic tile design style is the epitome of architecture. And other works of art from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.


Encaustic tiles have become the new favorite of architectural space. For their unique decorative functions, sturdiness and durability. And strong and delicate overall pattern effect. Between the classic and the fashion, the tiles’ patterns repeat and bloom again and again through the specific patterns of the tiles. People restore the old life interest in their minds. And the tiles are derived from the original simple building materials into an attitude of life aesthetics.

Encaustic Tiles Used In Hotel
Encaustic Tiles Used In Hotel


*Grassroots cleaning:

clean up the mortar and dirt on the concrete floor. Suppose the grassroots has oil stains. Apply 10% caustic soda water to clean it, and rinse off the lye on it with clean water in time. And it would help if you cleaned the dirt in the pits on the board surface.

*Cement mortar primer:

1) Brush with plain cement slurry:

On the cleaned base layer, water to bleed through, spread plain cement surface. And then sweep evenly with a broom. You should determine the size of the sweeping area according to the speed of bottoming and laying. And it should be spread with the sweeping slurry.

2) Reinforcement:

From the +50cm flat line to the level of the bottom ash epidermis.

And then take the plastering cake, starting from one side of the room, reinforce every 1m. A room with a floor drain should radiate ribs from all around to the floor drain direction and find the slope. Dry hard mortar should be used for punching, and the thickness should not be less than 2cm.

3) Assembling:

Use 1:4 cement mortar to flatten the mortar with a small flat spade or wooden trowel according to the reinforcement height. Pat the mortar firmly. And then make a small scrape to make the laid mortar and the reinforcement level. Then use a large horizontal check its flatness. And check whether its elevation and flooding are correct, flatten it with a wooden trowel, and water it for curing after 24 hours.

*Find rules and flick lines:

Arrange the size along with the vertical and horizontal directions of the room. The width of the slit should be no more than 1cm. When the size is less than the multiple of the whole brick. Half of the brick can be cut for the corners. When the size difference is small, the gap can be adjusted. According to the determined brick number and seam width, vertical and horizontal control lines are on the ground and strictly control the square.

*Install the tiles:

Starting from the door, first lay a few bricks longitudinally, find the position and elevation, use this as the rib, pull the line, and lay the bricks. It would be best if you retreated from the inside to the outside. Each brick should follow the line. The operation procedure for laying bricks is:

1) Brush grout on the bottom ash.

2) With the back of the brick facing up, apply the bonding mortar. The mix ratio is not less than 1:2.5, and the thickness is not less than 10mm. Because the mortar has high strength and fast hardening, it should be mixed and used to prevent the mortar from being affected by false setting.

3) Lay the plastered bricks on the bottom ash painted with cement mortar, and the bricks should be aligned with the line.

4) Pad it with a wooden board and beat it firmly with a rubber hammer.

5) Seam setting and trimming:

Pull the line to trim the seam of the paved bricks, straighten the seam, sweep out the excess mortar in the seam, and pat the tiles firmly.

*Use 1:1 cement fine mortar to make joints. The joints are required to be dense and smooth.

If the design requires no gaps, the joints are required to be straight. Sprinkle the cement surface on the paving, repaired the brick surface, and water it with a kettle. Use a broom to sweep the grout into the gap and fill it with grout. Then use a clapper to make the pulp full and compact. Sweep clean with dry sawdust.

Encaustic Tiles Used In The Lobby
Encaustic Tiles Used In The Lobby


*For floor

As the flower carpet is only partially or large area installing.

Installing in the floor of bathroom or kitchen

Installing in corridor aisle

Installing in the stairs

*For wall

Encaustic tiles of different patterns on the whole side of the wall

Encaustic tiles of different patterns on the part side of the wall

The wall in the bathroom or kitchen

Encaustic Tile For Wall
Encaustic Tile For Wall

*For outside

As decorative paintings

Charming encaustic tiles have a strong historical beauty. But also have a great atmosphere of the times. Revealing an elegant temperament in the ordinary. Its appearance has injected a new fashion atmosphere into the decoration world.

When encaustic tiles are no longer as building decoration materials but become history witnesses, then encaustic tiles have their own unique historical identity.

Encaustic cement tiles will not be worn out easily. On the contrary, the more they are worn, the brighter the color and beauty will last.

T&A CERAMICS has a lot of good designs of inkjet glazed tiles. As a professional tile supplier. T&A CERAMICS will give you professional suggestion for glazed tiles and encaustic tiles. So choose the regular glazed tiles than encaustic tiles. After decoration, it will have one more art product again.

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