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Usage of Tile

The tiles can be well classified by their use, so that you can choose products that better correspond to the needs of your customers. Just like wall tiles are not allowed to be used on the floor, you need to better understand the different types of tiles for different purposes in order to do a better job in the tile business.

What types of usage tiles can we produce?

Malaga Series Ceramic Tiles T&a Ceramics

T&A CERAMICS is a tile manufacturer and was established in 2001. We have 6 production lines which include 2 wall tile lines and 4 floor tile lines. Also we pay our attention to our decor tiles: mosaic and encaustic tile. We can produce not only wall,  floor and decor tiles, but also anti-static tiles and outdoor tiles with special effects.

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Manufactured with high quality materials and advanced machines, welcome to purchase our porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are a kind of tiles which is used for decoration materials for floor. The floor tiles are fired with clay. And it has various specifications. Floor tiles are strong, pressure and wear resistance, and moisture-proof. At the beginning of floor tiles development, most of the floor tiles were unglazed tiles. For example, soluble salt , double loading and so on. Later, with the continuous development of technology, the floor tiles currently produced by T&A CERAMICS are glazed tiles. The glazed floor tiles have more decorative effect than unglazed tiles. They are mostly used on the ground and floors of public buildings and civil buildings.

There are many varieties of floor tiles. According to the material difference, we have porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. And according to the surface technology, they can be divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. According to the surface finish, floor tiles can be divided into polished and matte tiles.Also according to the difference usage also can divide interior floor tiles and also out door floor tiles. 

Wall Tiles

Wall tile is a kind of tile suitable for for the wall of the rooms, kitchens, balconies and some other places. The tiles have stable physical properties, anti-slip, stain resistant and hard. There is no need to be concerned about cleaning and generally you can use water or special use of medical alcohol to clean the wall tiles. Generally speaking, wall tiles can be divided into 2 categories: interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles.

Interior Wall Tiles

For wall tiles, it pays more attention to aesthetics, more stain resistance, lighter and thinner. At the same time, the back is also relatively rough, which is conducive to the paste of the wall, wear resistance and hardness. For the sizes we do for wall tiles are 30x45cm, 30x60cm, 25x75cm, 30x80cm, 40x80cm, 30x90cm.

So far, most of the time, the interior wall tiles T&A CERAMICS supplies are used for bathroom and kitchen most. Since interior wall tiles usually have higher water absorption, and after absorbed the water and it may have some little color difference. However, after the tiles dry and the color will become normal.

Wall Tile For Bathroom

Exterior Wall Tiles

Exterior wall tiles are mainly used for the decoration and protection of building exterior walls. Exterior wall tiles not only decorate the whole building, but also play an important role in protecting the wall because of their acid and alkali resistance and stable physical and chemical properties, and also prevent cold and heat preservation.

Exterior Wall Tile In T&a Ceramics



General speaking, wall tiles decorate for walls to avoid damage, water splash or pollution. Floor tiles are the materials which are mainly used to decorate the ground and floor.

Process characteristics

Wall tiles are mostly glazed tiles, which are composed of three parts: the green body, the bottom glaze layer, and the top glaze layer. Floor tiles are fired from clay and have a variety of specifications.

Physical characteristics

Wall tiles are ceramic products, and floor tiles are usually porcelain products. This is a big difference between wall tiles and floor tiles. This difference can be reflected in the selection of clay ingredients to the firing process. The water absorption of wall tiles is more than 10%, which is several times higher than that of floor tiles with a water absorption about 1%.


Besides the floor tiles and wall tiles, we also can do DECOR. In T&A CERAMICS Decor list has Encaustic tiles and also Mosaic tiles. Abour mosaic tiles, customer can choose our inkjet designs and let us your required size, then we can do the mosaic tiles according to your requirement.

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