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About tiles, as we all know that there are many kinds when people differentiate the tiles according to their surface finish, water absorption , technology and so on. From this part, we will separate the tiles according to the surface finish.

What Surface Finished Can We Produce?

Structure Of Glazed Polished Tile

During the tile development, T&A CERAMICS has put more and more attention to our glazed tiles. And now we can do 8 kinds surface finish: MATTE, LAPATO,  POLISHED, SOFT POLISHED, GLOSSY, R10/R11, TEXTURE and SUGAR GLAZED

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What is surface finished development in T&A Ceramics?

Many years ago, the tile has mainly two kinds that unglazed tiles and glazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are mainly for soluble, double loading and so on. They are porcelain tiles, but the problem is their designs are very simple and only have polished surface finish. Compare with unglazed tiles, even glazed tiles only have matte surface finish at the beginning, but they can have many colors to do. According to the tile development, have many new technology appeared, especially for inkjet technical. So glazed tiles has replace unglazed tiles. About the glazed tiles can have surface finish to choose like matte, polished and so on.

8 different kind Surfaces & Finishes.


Matte finish tiles means the surface absorb light not reflect the light. And the surface doesn’t slip. Generally speaking, matte tile stands for Rustic tile, depending on the customer’s choice for a certain name.



Polished glazed tiles, also can call full polished glazed tiles. Polished glaze is a special formula glaze that can be polished on the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to antique tiles, usually transparent surface glaze or transparent convex flower glaze. The glaze pattern Rich and colorful, it feels very smooth to the touch.



Lappato, also can call the name SEMI-POLISHED. Lappato tiles are based on matte tiles production process, then add one more special glazed. After finish the production, then we will do the polishing process. Then the lappato tiles will have a soft polished finish. The surface will be a little more shinning than matte tiles.

lapato pic


Soft polished tile is a product between full polished and antique. The unique solf polished effect makes its texture close to natural stone infinitely. And it has the advantages of polished and matte. Minimize the tiny gaps caused by polishing, the surface is super flat. And the water ripples are eliminated from multiple angles, and the best anti-fouling and non-slip performance.

soft polished pic


Glossy finish tiles a kind of glazed tiles which has smooth and shinning surface and the light radiation is good. Different from polished surface, the shinning effect is from the glazed which we used on the tiles not from the polished result.

glossy pic


The ‘R’ value means the degree of slip resistance the tile has. R10 surface finish means process is during the matte tile production, adjust the hardness of glazed, then make the surface more rough then common matte tiles. R11 surface is more rough than R10. Same way that adjust the hardness of glazed to do more rough surface. 

t&a ceramics r10:r11 tile


When we say “texture tile”, simply, it means the tile surface does not have a totally smooth or polished surface. At the same time, the surface has solid effect which the design showed which is up or down. Generally speaking, this is equivalent to the surface of the tiles have a three-dimensional sense and is no longer a flat surface.

t&a ceramics textured tile


Sugar glaze, from the name suggests, is a glazed tile with a fine grained texture like sugar. The sugar glaze tiles are based on natural stone high-quality bricks. We use 3D inkjet printing technology to reproduce the original color and texture of the stone. And use imported glaze that has been optimized and upgraded through research and development, and is fired at a high temperature of 1200 degrees after a special glaze drenching process. The fine particles like granulated sugar are evenly distributed on the tiles surface. Under the action of the light, they will shine and feel delicate to the touch. It is like fine sand rolling with a natural sandstone texture, so as to achieve a special decorative effect. At the same time, due to the use of special glaze, sugar glaze tiles have the characteristics of strong acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance, easy cleaning, wear resistance and bending resistance, and a wider range of installing.

sugar glazed pic

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