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Golden Carrara Original

Sizes of Tile

Size is a very important attribute of tiles, it will directly affect the application scenario of tiles. Generally speaking, there are two types of tile sizes, one is the regular production size and the other is the cut size. We will show you what we can do in the next part.

What Sizes Can We Produce?

Berlin Series Floor Tiles T&a Ceramics

So far the original sizes T&A CERAMICS can do are 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm, 75x150cm, 30x90cm, 30x80cm, 40x80cm, 30x60cm, 30x45cm, 30x30cm, 23x23cm and 20x20cm. Besides, we can also cut to some other sizes according to the client’s needs.

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What is 'Size' development in T&A Ceramics?

T&A started as a family business in 2001 with floor tiles, so our earliest size was 60X60CM. as time went on, we expanded our business and range and started producing wall tiles and large panels. We can now cover a very comprehensive range of tile types in terms of size. We have two wall tile lines that can cover 30x90cm, 30x80cm, 40x80cm, 30x60cm and 30x45cm; and four floor tile lines that can cover 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm, 75x150cm. In 2020 we have a new production line for encaustic tile and mosaic, and now we can offer encaustic tile in 20x20cm and 20x23cm, even 178x220mm, and mosaic cut to order.

What is the trend of different sizes?

Different countries has different taste about the sizes of using tiles. Most countries can accept 60x60cm to use it on the floor. So far we have exported 60x60cm to South America, North America, Middle East, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and also some European countries. And among these countries and area, most countries also buy 80x80cm. For example, customers from South America, Middle East buy more quantity of this size than other countries and areas.

Wooden Series

normally the customers order several sizes for this series, such as 15x60cm, 20x60cm, 30x60cm, 60X60cm, 60x120cm and  20x120cm, etc. 

wooden series

Carrara Series

for this series, the most popular sizes are 30x60cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm and 75x150cm.

Golden Carrara Original

Crema Marfil

Most people use this series with the sizes of 60x60cm, 80x80cm and 60x120cm. But they also cut to some other sizes such as 30x60cm when they need.

crema marfil series

Marble Series

People use 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm and 30x60cm often. 

marble series

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