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Tiles can be classified according to the material. Generally speaking, tiles can be divided into Porcelain tiles and Ceramic tiles.

What Material Tile Can We Produce?


T&A Ceramics can both provide porcelain and ceramic tiles for customers. You can choose your favorite color directly from our collection, and then we can arrange production according to your material requirements.

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Manufactured with high quality materials and advanced machines, welcome to purchase our porcelain and ceramic tiles.

What is ceramic and porcelain tile?

Ceramic Tile

Tiles with water absorption more than 0.5% are called ceramic tiles. It is mainly made of clay and other non-metallic materials. The ceramic tile is produced through molding, sintering and other processes. 

Porcelain tile

The industry defines porcelain tiles mainly according to the water absorption. Tiles with a water absorption of 0.5% or less than 0.5% are called porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tile is acid and alkali resistant building material. It is made by grinding, mixing, pressing and sintering those raw materials of clay, quartz and so on.

water absorption

For these two materials, it is difficult to distinguish their differences by eye. It requires you to have some product knowledge and experience.

What's the different between Porcelain and Ceramic tile?

Water Absorption

Strictly speaking, we divide tiles into 5 categories: porcelain tile, stoneware tile, fine stoneware tile, stoneware tile and earth ware tile.

The biggest difference between porcelain and ceramic is water absorption. Only the tiles with water absorption of 0.5% or less than 0.5% are called porcelain tiles. And the rest of other 4 categories can be considered as ceramic tiles.

Though the water absorption is different, both porcelain and ceramic tiles can be used for both wall and floor. But normally the floor tiles has lower water absorption and the wall tiles has higher water absorption.

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Breaking strength and modulus of rupture refers to the maximum strength that tiles can withstand under the action of a certain force or pressure. In layman’s terms, tiles are strong or not.

Because porcelain tiles have low water absorption, the breaking strength can reach to 1300N and more. Also the modulus of rupture is at least 35MPA.

However, for ceramic tiles with higher water absorption around 10%, the lowest breaking strength is only 600N. And the modulus of rupture is only 15MPA.

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