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Wooden floor and wall tiles

Wood tiles are ceramic tiles with a wood grain pattern on the surface, which have bright lines, clear patterns, waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, flame retardant, not easy to corrode, long service life and easy to clean and other advantages.

T&A Ceramics is the professional manufacturer for wooden floor and wall tiles for 20 years. So far, we have been developing more and more hot-sale wooden series and we visit Italy and Spain often to get more fresh wooden designs. And we can make light and dark color wooden tiles with beige, marfil, grey, moca, brown, bianco, tabacco, ash, gris and some other colors.

Original sizes we mainly supply are 60x60cm,80x80cm and 60x120cm but usually the customers order wooden tiles for smaller sizes. And we cut to 30x60cm, 20x60cm, 15x60cm, 40x80cm, 20x80cm, 16x80cm, 20x120cm and some other special sizes as per the request.

Wooden tiles can be made for matte, polished, semi-polished(lappato), rustic and also special surface according to the customers’ need. It is popular to use wood look tiles in bedrooms, living rooms and sitting rooms for apartments, hotels, restaurants and some other places.


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2021 Buyer's Guide about Wooden Floor and Wall Tiles


With society’s development and progress, home is no longer a shelter from the wind and rain. But it becomes a harbor that can provide us with warmth and comfort.

Nowadays people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the house. They not only focus on the basic needs but also pursue visual effects. And one of the most basic decorative materials should be tiles. Then wooden ceramic tile also can be one of the popular tiles used for decoration.

What is wooden ceramic tile?

As the name implies, wooden ceramic tiles are ceramic tiles that look like wood. And the material can be ceramics or porcelain. The factory imitates the texture and structure of the wood surface. And then we see richer and varied wood ceramic tiles.

Wooden Tile For Living Room
Wooden Tile For Living Room

It will be a common thing that wooden ceramic tiles come out of the antique ceramic tiles. As inkjet technology is more and more developed, it will not be advantageous for a few manufacturers. When most factories master the technique, it will be a new category of the ceramic industry.

As one of the types of glazed tiles, wooden tile fits the trend of the industry. And it will be more popular with the personalized demand. Without any doubt, wood look ceramic tiles will become a trend, especially when imitating wood developed better and better. This is to achieve the effect of real wood easier and easier. And it shows us more colorful wooden ceramic tiles at last.

Now T&A CERAMICS can produce matte, rustic, lappato, polished and soft polished surface for wooden ceramic tiles.

How does wooden ceramic tile develop?

As early as more than 20 years ago, some factories produced wooden ceramic tiles already. The wooden tile can only achieve a simple imitation of the surface texture of the wood grain. Because the factory didn’t find better technology at that time. The product texture is not comparable to the present. But it was still hot sale tiles for some time. Even though the tile looked not very natural, the surface also looked not that clear. Later the suppliers used another technology named roller printing. This is to make the texture and structure like real wood more. And finally, inkjet printing was born, and the factory still uses this technology today.

Improving technology makes the wooden ceramic tiles take a qualitative leap. Combining with dry grain, spray glaze and other technologies, the tile factory has produced wooden ceramic tile with better texture. And the sizes are also from 60x60cm, 80x80cm to 60x120cm, 75x150cm and even larger sizes 80x160cm, 120x240cm now. And the factory can cut to smaller sizes and even mix and match different colors or types of wooden design on one tile. This makes the tiling more flexible and fashionable. People can use wooden ceramic tiles in more places. And it improves consumer acceptance.

What are the differences between wooden ceramic tiles and solid wood flooring?

Both wooden ceramic tiles and solid wood flooring look similar from the look. But why now more and more people use wooden ceramic tiles instead of solid wood flooring?

Wooden ceramic and porcelain tile is an environmentally friendly building material. It has the advantages of flame retardant, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, long service life, wear-resistant, etc. It does not need periodic waxing maintenance like wooden products and other characteristics.

Color variation :

Ceramic wood look tiles are easier to make different colors to match the various needs of the clients. The colors can be white, black, light and dark and even more colorful. But the solid wood flooring is hard to add colorful elements, and sometimes it makes the rooms look dull.

Wood Look Tile For Project
Wood Look Tile For Project

Price difference&life of using :

The high quality of natural solid wood is very expensive, and it also costs more for maintaining. But the wooden ceramic tiles has the same price as the normal ceramic tile. And there is no need to pay more attention after tiling the tiles. Usually, it would help if you cleaned it normally, and you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface. As long as we use the wooden ceramic tiles normally, it can last for 20 to 30 years.

Place of using:

Both wooden ceramic tiles and solid wood flooring can usually be used in the sitting rooms and living rooms, especially at home. Besides, we can put wooden ceramic tiles on the floor and the bathroom and kitchen wall. But solid wood flooring cannot be used in a wet environment.

Wood Effect Floor Tile
Wood Effect Floor Tile

How to choose wooden ceramic tile?

Since there are so many designs of wooden ceramic tiles, then how should we choose?

First, please check the design if it looks natural. And choose the designs with more variations.

Second, choose the size of the wooden tile as per the area size. If you use it in a small room, pls choose smaller sizes, such as 15x60cm,20x60cm. But if you put it in a big area like public places, you can use 60x120cm, 40x80cm, 30x90cm, etc.

Wood Effect Tile For Bedroom
Wood Effect Tile For Bedroom

Third, choose a polished or matte surface? For living rooms, usually, we can choose polished surface because it makes rooms brighter and also easier to clean. And for bedrooms, we can choose a matte surface on the floor, making people feel warmth and comfort. For bathrooms, we definitely should put matte wooden ceramic tiles on the floor to avoid slipping. And for the wall, usually we use a polished surface. Because you can clean it easier. And combining with matte floor wooden tile also makes the bathroom nice.

How to make tiling for the wooden ceramic tiles?

Step 1: “determine the tiling method“. In addition to the traditional ceramic wall tile well-shaped in the middle, horizontal and vertical paving method, the normal tiling method of wooden ceramic tile still has other ways such as herringbone, I-beam, the oblique diamond line and others. Since there are so many types of tiling ways, you’d better choose the way you like before tiling. And so it can give you the effect you want.

Step 2: “leveling“. The so-called leveling should be paving the building floor or wall surface treatment before installing wood tiles. The ground, interior walls, exterior walls, etc., Eliminate the surface’s adhesion with semi-wet cement sand mix paving.

Step 3: “bullet line“. It means a long thin line. Coated with white ash goods ink, determine the brick’s axis and then pave according to the line.

Step 4: “Choose the wooden tile“. To see the variety of tiles planned to use, pick out and put in different categories. For example, wooden ceramic tiles are used for pavement, walls and floor, etc.; you should distinguish them so as not to mix to install.

Wooden Tile Design By T&a Ceramics
Wooden Tile Design By T&a Ceramics

Step 5: “soak the wooden tiles“. Before installing, you must soak the wooden ceramic tiles in the water. You must use tap water or clear water. You cannot use muddy water or dirty water, or oil sewage. Soaking time does not need to take too long. And all the tiles are totally wet. Then it is ok. (You must soak the porcelain tiles before tiling).

Step 6: “Mixing slurry“. It would help if you mixed the cement and sand in the ratio of 1:2. And you also should use the standard 325 cement. If the standard is too high, the cement will pull the wooden ceramic tile internally. Sometimes it will even pull crack wooden ceramic tile.

Step 7: “Apply the mortar“. Take out the soaked wooden ceramic tiles. Then dry the wooden tiles water stains. Apply the even cement paste on the back of the wooden ceramic tiles. Make the mortar thickness in 2-3 cm. Follow by the wooden ceramic tile to the ground cement sand surface tiling. Use a wooden hammer gently knock on the wooden ceramic tile until the surface is totally flat.

Step 8: “tiling“. Please pay attention to the wooden ceramic tile texture order. And also, pay attention to the wooden ceramic tile bottom marking arrows, etc.; use a wooden hammer to knock on the tile but avoid empty knocking. Please control the power to avoid too large or too small. The best application of tiling tiles is to use the plastic cross. Then you can fix the position for the tiles which you have finished tiling. Remove the overflowed cement paste with a sponge or rag after knocking on the tile. High-grade wooden ceramic tiles are generally less than 1 mm gap. There is no need for special caulking.

Wooden Floor Tile
Wooden Floor Tile

Step 9: “adjusting“. When you finish tiling, the cement is not completely dry. You can observe with the naked eye or measure with a level. Please make adjusting under the standard if there are some tiles not in the correct position. Check the flatness, straightness and so on. If you find any problem, please adjust it immediately. Take out some tiles and tile them again until you think the tiling is perfect.

Step 10:” caulking. After the cement got dried, you can use the grout to caulk the seam and make your floor or wall more beautiful.

Are you interested in wooden ceramic tiles from the T&A CERAMICS manufacturer? Welcome to contact us for any inquiry, and we will be your best companion.

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