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Big Slab for floor and wall tile

Big slab tile is a big size tile, it is usually referred to as large format tiles. Usually our factory can produce the size of 60x120cm, 75x150cm and so on. We can often find that big slabs are used in high-end star hotels, high-end business spaces or other formal occasions.

In one hand, large-size tiles can extend the space effect, broaden the space vision, and break through the aesthetic fatigue caused by traditional tiles. In the other hand, the effect of large-size paving will be more complete and stylish, and it can highlight the visual effect and temperament of the atmosphere and high-end. Big slab tiles will have less seam and will be more easy to clean.

Large size means fewer paving seams.Usually, we choose ceramic tiles because it is more convenient to care and maintain, while big slab tiles reduce the gap and are more convenient to clean and maintain.

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2021 Buyer's Guide About Big Slab Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles


According to the development of ceramic tiles. People are not only paid more attention to the continuous innovation of the designs. And also the development of production technology. Besides, there are also higher requirements for the size of the ceramic tile. The time of great beauty has already come.

In recent years, no matter in the Bologna Exhibition which held in Italy or Milan Fair overseas. Also, Guangzhou Fair or Foshan Ceramic Fair is held in China. Big slab tiles have become more and more popular, and the world has entered the era of big slab tiles time. The big slab tiles are not only the tendency but also the future. Every year T&A CERAMICS attend many professional fairs. Like CEVISAMA held in Span. Or COVERINGS held in the USA. And also, CANTON FAIR and FOSHAN CERAMICS FAIR were held in China. So T&A CERAMICS has already caught the development tendency of tiles. And in the T&A Ceramics tiles range, the big slab has its indispensable place.

We know that BIG SLAB (Large Format tiles) has caught much attention. Well it was compared with the traditional size of ceramic tiles. What are the highlights of big slab tiles have that can attract more customer’s attention? Now let us read big slab to find it out.

What is a big slab?

Big Slab or Large format tiles, meaning large size tiles, do not yet have an established standard in the industry. The term “big slab” is a customary verbal term for large format tiles in everyday life. In fact, large format tiles include “big slabs”, but “big slabs” are not exactly the same as large format tiles.

“Big slab” has three forms, one is “stone slab”, another refers to “ceramic thin slab”, and one is “large format tiles “. As the name implies, “stone slabs” are natural stone. According to the standard GB/T23266-2009, the thickness of not more than 6mm, surface area of not less than 1.62 square meters of tile products are called “ceramic thin slab”. The “large format tile” is the increase in size on the basis of the conventional tile.

T&a Ceramics Big Slab In Size Of 60x1200mm
T&a Ceramics Big Slab In Size Of 60x1200mm

In the United States, household tiles are generally small. And those tiles which are larger than 450×450mm can be regarded as the large sizes. If the size is more than 750mm in many European countries, it will be considered a large size. In Italy, the most popular large size is 1200×1200mm. In China, large sizes refer to tiles above 800×800mm.

Big slab tiles VS Big size stone

Most of the design concepts of big slabs are from stone. Compared with large-size stone, what are the advantages of big slabs?

The big slab is made of artificial burning clay. And also non-metallic materials in high temperature. According to texture and color, it can imitate natural stone according to need. And its hardness and flatness are more superior to the stone. About the natural stone, the texture and color are natural. But after artificial mining, it retains the ecological design. While due to the material’s characteristics, the stone is not easy to handle and still has radioactivity. Thus, it is always recommended to use ceramic slabs in home decoration.

There are many differences between ceramic slabs and stone. The most obvious aspect is texture. No matter how to polish natural stone, the surface and the inner surface are very rough. And it easy to absorb the water. The big slab can imitate natural stone design. And because it is produced under high pressure and high temperature. And after produced by other processes. The big slab can be with low water absorption, shiny surface, and high durability.

Advantages of Big Slab (Large Format tiles)

The big slab is the most attractive product in some famous exhibitions. Such as the Bologna Exhibition in Italy in the past two years. Because of its natural simplicity and free application. It has become popular. It has entered the time of big slabs and also developed into a mature system. Big slab ceramic tiles are more and more showed at overseas fairs. Like Bologna exhibitions and Coverings exhibitions overseas. Also domestic ceramics fairs and Canton fairs. So what are the advantages of big slab tiles?

*Simple and elegant decoration effect

Using big slab tilling. It gives a feeling of extension and expansion. Also, making the space more wide, so it has become the first choice for many high-end places such as hotel lobbies. In product design, big slab tiles can carry more texture elements because of their larger area. So, the whole spatial texture pattern effect of the decoration is more complete and three-dimensional. And also, the details reflected on the surface of the slab are richer.

Big Slab Used In Wall
Big Slab Used In Wall

*Few seams to avoid hiding dirt

“Seamless tilling” is the most obvious feature of slab tiles. And it differs from the regular size of tiles. Now more people prefer to choose concise products. The installing of big slab tiles can reduce the trace of tilling and more the space more concise. The feature of fewer seams can also reduce dirt and making it easier to clean and maintain.

*Free cutting, rich specifications

Big slab tile can regard as the larger the cloth, and the larger space have. And also the more of imagination from designer’s mind. The cut and processed tiles have a more design sense. It can provide designers with broader design space. A well-known Asian designer Shao Weiyan has said his suggestion before. “From the perspective of design aesthetics. Designers like seamless materials, so more specifications are actually more convenient.” For example, a big slab of 600×1200mm can cut into pieces according to the requirements. Common specifications such as the size of 300×600mm, 200×600mm, 600×600mm, and even 150×1200mm slabs have evolved more possibilities.

*Good whole effect

Big slab tiles of 600x1200mm and 1500x750mm are generous and suitable. It can give people a feeling of extension. In an open and wide space. If using big slab tiles will make the space more elegant and high-end. Which is popular with many consumers.

*Rich texture

According to many product designs, big slab tiles can carry more texture elements. Because they have a larger single-piece area. So the whole spatial texture pattern effect of the decoration is more complete and three-dimensional. And the details reflected on the surface are also various.

T&a Ceramics Big Slab In Design Of Carrara
T&a Ceramics Big Slab In Design Of Carrara

How to install large slab tiles

When talking about the big slabs, the first question that comes to mind will be the install aspect. How to install the big slab will have a goods effect? T&A CERAMICS will give you the following suggestions:

* Traditional installing in lines

The most classic installing in lines is the choice of most people. It can make the whole space high-end, simple and clean, and let people feel the slab tiles’ unique texture.

* Slightly changed in I-shaped installing

The I-shaped installing method is only slightly changed in the direct installing method. This method is not static. But also looks simple and atmospheric, and is also suitable for a variety of space style designs.

* Personalized combination

What is popular now? Now many people abandon traditional ideas. And develop new design and decoration concepts and personalized space design. Choose to use two colors to match to make the visual effect more colorful. Also, can cut the tiles into different shapes and then combine them to install. Which has both unique creativity and distinctive three-dimensional space.

The big slab tiles are suitable for a variety of installing methods. And can have a smart and bright visual effect in the space design. The rich texture can stretch to the full, making the space more spacious and active.

Usage of big slab

The big-slab ceramic tiles have a wide range of applications. And are suitable for various space designs. They can use as wall tiles or floor tiles. Also, in some small spaces such as bathrooms. They can also use after cutting. So that they are not afraid of affecting the entire home tonal design.

And it saves building materials. Besides the early use as indoor wall and floor installing. To later use as curtain wall decoration material. It is now quick entering the kitchen and bathroom spaces and counter-tops. Decoration materials and other daily home decoration.

Big Slab Used In Tv Wall
Big Slab Used In Tv Wall

At the Milan Furniture Fair. Many buyers expressed that they are very optimistic about the prospects of big slabs used in furniture panels. Because they are lightweight and rich in color. Also, have excellent physical properties such as hardness and corrosion resistance. Many customers trust that big slab tiles will have a good market in the near future.

T&A CERAMICS has more than 20 years of experience in tile manufacture and supply. T&A CERAMICS has many beautiful designs and good quality tiles at a competitive price. Many designs will be your good choice. Like our Carrara designs, wooden designs, cement designs, and so on. Also, in the continuous innovation. T&A CERAMICS will provide you more choices for your choosing the tiles. And you will find your interesting designs. And T&A CERAMICS will be your part of your success.

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