The current situation of the Zibo tile production area in China

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Because of the impact of the epidemic, many ceramic production areas of the country’s raw materials transportation, and tile shipments have encountered a similar situation. Each carload of goods needs to go through a “long” journey, logistics time and costs greatly increased, which is a lot of ceramic raw materials, tile logistics transport common “pain points.

The epidemic in Zibo, Shandong Province, where T&A Ceramics is located, was one of the early areas where raw materials, chemicals, and tile transportation were affected to varying degrees. However, as the local epidemic was effectively controlled, everything is developing in a good direction. Now more than 40 pottery companies in Zibo have resumed full production, and our factory has been scheduled for orders for more than 40 days.

t&a ceramics loading picture 2
t&a ceramics loading picture

Zibo since March 8 since the outbreak, many ceramic factories affected by the epidemic shut down for nearly 22 days (April 7 to resume full production). Because of open and shut down, ceramic factory demand for raw materials, and chemicals are not very large, so even if affected by the epidemic raw materials, chemicals can not enter, the impact is not large.

However, in recent days, with the epidemic in Zibo under control, local logistics have improved. In general, the raw materials needed for production in Zibo, Shandong Province, can be transported out smoothly, but the epidemic has affected some control areas and still cannot be imported.

It is worth mentioning that there are some chemical materials due to the impact of the epidemic, and the supply of products is relatively tight. For alumina, for example, the production of raw materials tension, coupled with the impact of the epidemic on the relative lack of work, but Zibo ceramics factory, glaze factory demand for alumina is relatively large, and thus the current supply is tight, and some regions even appeared “out of stock” phenomenon.

t&a ceramics loading picture
t&a ceramics loading picture

According to T&A, although the local epidemic in Zibo has been effectively contained, many places around Zibo by the epidemic are still under strict control, and the current difficulties of truck traffic are also greater. The biggest difficulty is that in many areas of logistics restrictions, trucks are not allowed to enter.

Tile transport is the biggest problem facing pottery enterprises today. First, in many areas in the country due to the epidemic seal control, foreign vehicles can not enter; second, due to fewer vehicles, resulting in freight dilly-dallying. Even for short-haul transport, a ton of freight also rose by at least 50-60 yuan. In some areas, freight costs have even increased exponentially. The freight rate from the T&A Ceramics factory to Qingdao port has increased by more than RMB 3,000, so the pressure on transportation continues.

t&a ceramics polished tile loading picture
t&a ceramics polished tile loading picture

In the short term, logistics and transportation will be the biggest resistance to affect the sales of ceramic enterprises. In addition, all kinds of raw materials and materials prices are still in the state of price increases, including soil, coal, cartons, and other prices are rising, which gradually restored normal production and sales of Zibo pottery enterprises have brought a small operating pressure.

So if you have tile needs, you need to contact us for confirmation and we will find a feasible solution for you to schedule and ship.

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