The current situation of the Zibo tile production area in China

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Because of the impact of the epidemic, many ceramic production areas of the country’s raw materials transportation, and tile shipments have encountered a similar situation. Each carload of goods needs to go through a “long” journey, logistics time and costs greatly increased, which is a lot of ceramic raw materials, tile logistics transport common “pain […]

Restroom Tiles And The Best Bathroom Style Concepts

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Bathroom tiles set the tone for the space. Creating a state of mind with bathroom tiles can lend a special character to your bathroom. No restroom can be total without great flooring tiles that match the fixtures and fittings. A dynamic pattern on your restroom flooring or a contrasting wall color can actually set the […]

Vitrified Tiles – Much better than hardwood floorings?

Wood floorings are stunning and add a lot of elegance and charm to a home. But similar to many things so stunning, they are really delicate. Hardwood floorings call for a large amount of treatment and also maintenance to keep them looking great. And also for people who can not spare a lot of time […]

Are tiles waterproof? What tiles are suitable for use? How to choose?

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We choose tiles that are paved on the walls and floors for the walls and bathrooms in our homes. Why do we choose to tile in these locations? In fact, to a large extent depends on the tile having a waterproof function. T&A will analyze this issue with the following questions as an example. Are […]

What is Sintered Stone/ Big Slabs?

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Sintered Stone-luxury, pricey, distinctive, once it appeared, it immediately shocked the home sector. It has natural and beautiful patterns, but it’s not delicate like marble. What is Sintered Stone? Sintered Stone is a brand-new sort of porcelain material with super-large specs, which is constructed from natural raw materials with a special process, pushed by a […]

Ceramic Tile Floor Covering- The Healthy Home Option

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Think it or not, carpets is one of the most significant factors to indoor air pollution. One of the commonest illness in a home is allergies, and carpets are virtually a perfect environment for allergen, molds and mildew. All of these products launch hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds as they age, in a process called […]

Types of Tiles

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Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile, this versatile floor and wall covering is available in a variety of colors, sizes and textures. Certain types of tile such as marble are great for creating a luxurious master bath, while others such as slate work better in high-traffic areas. From the difference between porcelain and natural stone […]

Different between Floor & Wall & Decor tiles.

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T&A CERAMICS is a tile manufacturer and was established in 2001. We have 6 production lines which include 2 wall tile lines and 4-floor tile lines. Also, we pay attention to our decor tiles. With more than 20 years of tile business experience, T&A CERAMICS will give you a detailed introduction to floor tiles and […]

How to lay tiles?

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The method of the tiling is a practical problem that plagues many buyers. How to install tiles efficiently and beautifully? What is the best way to lay tiles? A good tiling method not only looks good but also increases the experience of using it and reduces costs and wear and tear. The tools used in […]

How to protect tile during shipping

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As a tile factory, we don’t want to end the transaction with our customers by producing tiles, we want to improve our customers’ experience through our efforts and services.